1. 18. Good

    Family is good.


  2. 17. Something I learned:

    Appreciate the little things in life. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!


  3. Loss

  4. Flaking

  5. So far away…

    (my friend Zäta)

  6. 16. My vice.


  7. Blue sky thoughts:

    There are so many special people out there.

    He, she and you over there, you all make this to a great place.

    Continue to be yourself !

    Well, that´s all for now.

  8. I was invited to a christening last weekend, in a beautiful rural church.

  9. Makes me smile :)

  11. 14. Dirty.


  12. I was very surprised when I discovered Spiderman in a glass window of a  provincial church in Sweden!

  13. Promising

  14. Back home in the woods again.

  15. 13. More please.