1. 23. Entrance


    Pollen have free entrance to my nose, makes me sneeze and sniffles.

    But, do you know what?

    I Love Spring Anyway!!

  2. Today I got “Fluffy Hugs” in my mailbox and I think you all know who sent them to me…….

    ..Algy my Scottish friend!   Visit him at:  adventuresofalgy

    Thank you so very much for the lovely sunset photo. As you can see spring has arrived here and we had a wonderful Easter holliday, with grilling and outdoor living from morning to evening.

    In the letter was a greeting and a card of a wonderful watercolor by Jenny Chapman, visit her at: jennychapman

    Thanks Jenny this made me smile BIG!

  3. Purple Primadonna

  4. 22. 4 Things


    Looking through my vinyls and wish I had a record store like Karen,parttimecynic !


  5. Strange...

    1. I´v been told by several followers that they cannot see my posts on their screen, when I post them.
    2. It´s very sad and I wonder if there is something I can do about it?
    3. Some sharp ideas out there?
  6. This old heart of mine…

  7. Just…

  8. 21. Close


  9. 20.Egg


  10. 20. Egg


  11. Me and a buddy soaking up sun.

  12. Grandpa´s old stuff still works well.

  13. 19. Money


  14. Look through.

  15. Planet earth


    I´ve hit rock bottom…